Welcome- Gush Hamaden !

Afghan restaurant Darya is located on the Havenstraat near the center of Hilversum. The restaurant is lovely decorated and has enough space for a pleasant evening out or for one of your parties.


Your gaze will linger on the traditional, cozy interior, which you can use yourself or with friends, family, and relax in our Afghan ambiance. With this beautiful Afghan concept you can taste delicious aromas of cardamom, coriander, mint and many other kinds of fresh herbs. You will be introduced to our delicious meat dishes, different types of rice and special vegetables. At restaurant Darya in Hilversum, traditional dishes are prepared and served in a modern way. It is tasteful and authentic. The served dishes will be explained to you at your table. By our friendly and experienced waitresses. You can ask all your questions about the dishes and of course about our country Afghanistan. Escape from the everyday life and start a great journey to the 7th Afghan heaven in this restaurant. Be surprised by the variety of flavors from the Afghan cuisine.

Havenstraat 75

1211 KH Hilversum

035 631 5926